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Published on September 22nd, 2014 | by shibuya


Shibuya Starbucks

Shibuya Starbucks is famous for the view of Shibuya crossing more than for its coffee! The strategically located branch of the world-famous US-based coffee shop brand is world’s busiest, the most revenue-generating and the most profitable. Shibuya Starbucks is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of Tsutaya music store building on the Shibuya scramble crossing, opposite Shibuya Station. The best and most popular activity here is to get a coffee, go to the 2nd floor, grab a place at the window and watch the view below while sipping the coffee. The coffee is nice and they also serve some snacks.

As such you can also browse through the music at Tsutaya’s CD section to find the latest decent Jpop while sipping coffee. But the real draw is the huge window of Starbucks which overlooks one of the busiest and most chaotic scramble crossings of the world – the Shibuya crossing! Thousands of pedestrians wait for the signal lights to change to green and when they change, people move further like waves in the streets in all directions. When the lights change again, the crowds stop all of a sudden and keep accumulating in every corner of the crossing, waiting again for the lights to change, while the streets are filled with vehicles.

If logistics is what you are fond of, visit Shibuya Starbucks at rush hours and watch a mind-blowing display of dedicated logistical throughput. Right from entering the queue, they will get you to having your macha latte or caramel frappuchino within merely 30-40 seconds!

Now there is one more attraction for frequenting Shibuya Starbucks – free Wi-Fi. There are plenty of Wi-Fi facilities across Tokyo, but they are not free, while Shibuya Starbucks (and all Starbucks shops across Tokyo) offer it for free.

The front space of Shibuya Starbucks is the second popular meeting place in Shibuya, after the famous Hachiko Plaza. This is also because the Hachiko is so famous that it becomes crowded soon and it becomes difficult to find the person you want to meet; so, the front of Starbucks is more convenient being less crowded than Hachiko.

Being so popular for different reasons and close to the famous Shibuya shopping street, Shibuya Starbucks is impossible to be missed. When you get down from train at Shibuya station, take the Hachiko exit and you will see huge glass buildings in front of you with enormous TV screens and neon advertisements. Shibuya Starbucks is one of them. It is a huge glass building having a gigantic video screen on it.

However you will find some drawbacks in Shibuya Starbucks. First is you are not allowed to photograph the Shibuya crossing from here. If you start taking out your camera, someone from the staff will promptly approach you and inform you about the prohibition. The other is more frustrating – you will have to wait for a long time to get a place at the window because a lot of people are waiting already with the same wish as yours!

Despite these setbacks, Shibuya Starbucks is a must-visit, because it has plenty of pluses with just two minuses!

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