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Shibuya Shopping

Shibuya, the Mecca of Japanese fashions, is famous for its latest fashion trends and the hordes of teenagers that sport them. Obviously Shibuya shopping is a remarkable experience with shops of some of world’s most prestigious brands located here.

As such every little street and entire buildings of Shibuya are full of huge department stores and fashion boutiques. Two of the most important areas for Shibuya shopping are Takeshita Dori (street) and Omotesando. Omotesando is a wide avenue, pleasantly bordered with lush green trees. Both these are located in Harajuku. Some of the main shops here are:

100 Yen shop: Like the Dollar shops in the USA, Shibuya has 100 Yen shop where no item is for more than 100 Yens (equivalent to USD 1). Despite the low price, the quality of the goods is very good. If you are on budget, you should first head to this shop to get things you need at such a low price.

Shibuya 109 Building: This is Shibuya’s most famous shopping center and contains more than 120 fashion shops. It is a must-visit sight of Shibuya. It is also famous for being the origin of the kogal subculture. It has derived its name from the Japanese To (10) and kyu (9) because its owner’s name is Tokyu.

Omotesando Hills: Omotesando Hill is an extremely stylish shopping center having world’s most reputed fashion brands, like Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Porsche Design, Adore, Jimmy Choo, Dunhill and more.

Louis Vuitton Harajuku: The world-famous brand Louis Vuitton which is an international brand has a shop in the very fashionable and up market area of Omotesando in Harajuku. In 2002 when opened for the first time, it was world’s largest store. It is spread on five floors of this building.

LaForet: LaForet on Omotesando is a 7-floor shopping center mainly popular among young women. Its top floor houses the LaForet Museum which hosts several exhibitions and other events.

ABC Mart Shibuya: ABC Mart is a famous chain of shoe stores across the country. One of their shops is in Shibuya too.

Kawai Omotesando: Kawai is a renowned Japanese maker of pianos and electronic keyboards. Their showroom is along the very fashionable Omotesando in Harajuku.

Kangol: Kangol is a famous English clothing brand, especially famous for its berets. This shop too is located on Omotesando.

Gucci Harajuku: Another internationally famous fashion brand Gucci has its store on Omotesando. Plus Gucci has many shops in major shopping districts of Tokyo.

Gap Clothing Shibuya: Gap Clothing – another international fashion brand – has its shop in Shibuya.

Evance Shibuya: Evance is chain of shops selling exquisite watches and jewelry in Shibuya.

Don Quijote: This is a chain of discount shops in Shibuya which sells a range of goods including electronics, clothing and even groceries.

Disney Store Shibuya: Disney Store Shibuya is conveniently located in Shibuya. Here you can buy a range of Disney products. It is especially useful for you if you cannot make it to Tokyo Disneyland.

Dior Harajuku: Dior Harajuku is one of the Dior, a French fashion brand that creates clothing and accessories. It is along Omotesando.

Book 1st Shibuya: This is a chain of huge book shops in Shibuya.

Bic Camera Shibuya Main Store: This is the larger of the two Bic Camera shops in Shibuya and is one of about 40 Bic Camera shops across the country. Though its name shows that it is a camera shop, it also sells mobile phones, computers, audio and video equipment, along with cameras.

Accessorize Harajuku: This is a store of Accessorize, a London-based brand of fashion and accessories. You will find exquisite jewelry, bags and other fashion accessories here. It is located between Takeshita Dori and Omotesando.

And this is not all. There are literally innumerable fashion boutiques and shops of other goods in Shibuya. So, you can imagine that Shibuya shopping is never-ending. Keep your purses full while going to Shibuya!

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