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Shibuya Restaurants

Shibuya restaurants vary to such an extent that eating out is one of the main highlights of this district known mainly for its passion for fashion. Dining in Shibuya might be daunting to those who have no idea about Japanese dining etiquettes, but just after a few evenings out, they can become well-versed with the basics, and then frequenting the Shibuya restaurants becomes a pleasant experience because of the extensive range of restaurants, stunning food presentation, and above all, fabulous people. Following are just some of the Shibuya restaurants reading about which you will long for visiting them.

Roast One

If you are dedicatedly passionate for all chicken things, Roast One in Udagawacho is the place to go. It’s a newly opened Shibuya restaurant specializing in chicken dishes. With its all forms of chicken from jerky to rotisserie which are carefully seasoned and expertly grilled, the fare of Roast One is scrumptious though not unsurprising. Condiments like barbecue sauce, ketchup, sweet chili sauce and honey mustard are served to double the gustatory pleasure. And also, some non-bird dishes are included in the menu such as garlic shrimp and huevos rancheros.


Jars arranged in stacks outside Gessekai will tell you that you haven’t come to a typical Chinese restaurant. Gessekai is famous for its Yakuzen medicinal cuisine which is made by mixing seasonal vegetables with more than 40 different homemade miso pastes and alcohol mixed with spices and herbs like star anise and ginger. Their mapo dofu is one of the best in Tokyo, while the fragrant Beijing-style karaage chicken is sure to evoke your taste buds right upon arriving at the table. Also try the assortment of steamed organic veggies for some light flavors, and also keep some space in stomach for the superb gyoza either with veggies or prawns and cilantro. This Shibuya restaurant is located in Dogenzaka.


Deco in Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, has been included in the “Bib Gourmand” list of cost-effective quality Italian and French eateries in the 2014 Tokyo edition of the Michelin guide. This brasserie and wine bar serves meat of all games which comes from affiliating hunters who supply the restaurant with Hokkaido bear, Honshu deer and wild boar from southern Izu and many more. Moreover, we get all the information of the origin of meat from the staff who is happy to describe it, while the resident sommelier recommends matching wine combos.


Uplink is actually a small cultural center which houses a café too on its ground floor. With its location at the intersection of Shibuya and Kamiyamacho which is primarily a home to movie screenings and various small events, Uplink makes a lovely spot to spend some moments watching the energetic ambience.

Ganso Kujiraya

Ganso Kujiraya might not appeal everyone but some daring gourmands wishing to taste Earth’s biggest mammal can visit this Shibuya restaurant which is a traditional whale restaurant. It opened in 1950 and it is seated just next to the Shibuya 109 – the fashion Mecca. The restaurant serves every cut of whale you can imagine. Try hari-hari hotpot, akami (lean meat) sashimi or whale karaage. You can also try a full course meal – an indeed hearty affair.

Keisuke Matsushima

Keisuke Matsushima is famous for his restaurant with his own name in Nice, France. Now, attracted to his roots, Matsushima has opened another Keisuke Matsushima Restaurant, just a short walk from Omotesando and next to the revered Togo Shrine, in Shibuya. Lovely paintings of tomatoes and carrots in watercolors adorn the white walls of this culinary temple. The specialty of this Shibuya restaurant is Matsushima uses Chinese, Italian and French methods to give an international touch to the traditional Japanese dishes like Thon Marine Zuke (an Edo-style maguro marinade) or Bonbon d’Iwanori (sweet dumplings covered in iwanori seaweed). Another specialty the bearded owner of the restaurant points out is “eco-luxe” which refers to the ingredients which are not only local but also organically produced. Its zero emission kitchen is totally electric. The verdant, peaceful surrounding of this reasonably priced Shibuya restaurant is the culmination of its gorgeousness.

Underground Mr Zoogunzoo

Underground Mr Zoogunzoo is a cozy basement wine bar in Shibuya-ku that boasts of a décor which is as eccentric as suggested by its name. It serves modern cuisine, i.e. Japanized Italian and in modest portions; but their cellar is great, focusing mainly on Antipodean wines, at least half a dozen at hand by the glass. You will be delighted with the warm welcome making the hectic Tokyo seem like miles away.


Presenting a delicious blend of traditional Japanese and Japanized Western fair, Jinnanken has got great popularity amongst tourists. This top-floor restaurant in Navi Shibuya is also famous for its rooftop beer garden, which is open in summer.


Shibusan-Yoshinari is a unique restaurant that serves customizable meals. This is a fish-specialist restaurant located just within two-minute walk from Shibuya Station, having an impressive mix of 30-40 different dishes, classified into types that include grilled fish, sashimi and daily specials. It’s sad that you can choose only two, but for 1,100 Yens, and includes rice, miso soup and pickles, offering good value for money. Evenings are more colorful with more of an izakaya flavor added, serving an array of shochu and sake to complement seafood. If it’s available, you can also try honmaguro noten no sashimi – bluefin tuna sashimi cut from the fish’s head – a rare delicacy which you can hardly get even in Tokyo.

Creperie Ti Rolande

In the close vicinity of the Tokyu department store of Shibuya, Creperie Ti Rolande is an authentic French restaurant inspired by the Parisian old-timer Ti Jos, a Montparnasse joint, settled here since the early 30s. The classy black-and-white interior gives a sense of pleasure along with several combinations of Breton-style galettes that are wine-compatible.

Hanno Daidokoro Degenzaka

Hanno Daidokoro Degenzaka is a barbecue joint offering superb Yamagata beef in a pleasant setting. Pair your meal with a side order of cheese buchimgae or cheese tteokbokki. You can even order the lunchtime barbecue set. The delicious dishes are reasonably priced.

Yakiniku Bar Hanno Daidokoro

This Shibuya restaurant is famous for barbecue, beer, Kobe beef and happy hour tapas menu! Barbecue for one is also served here if you are eating alone.

These are just a few of the numerous Shibuya restaurants, which will take you to an unwinding environment, showing you a different facet of the fashion-loving district of its love for good food!

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