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Shibuya Crossing

As such, Shibuya district of the lovely Japanese capital Tokyo is world famous for its crazy, mind-blowing fashions and shopping. But it is equally famous for something more and it is Shibuya crossing. This is a scramble crossing and is located just in front of the Hachiko exit of Shibuya Station. It is fun to watch the overflow of pedestrians from all directions filling the whole intersection, when vehicles stop and wait for them. World-famous as the busiest square, Shibuya crossing is traversed by 500,000 people every day, with about 3,000 people crossing upon every light change! No wonder, it is the most popular spot for advertisers in Japan.

Shibuya crossing is marked by the statue of Hachiko, a dog, which is placed between the station and the intersection, in Hachiko Plaza. This spot is a popular meeting place for people and is crowded nearly always.

Shibuya crossing is surrounded by many fashionable buildings, most of which are shopping malls. Three huge video screens installed on these buildings overlook Shibuya crossing, and sometimes display live scenes of what’s going on below in the square. The world-famous store, Starbucks, overlooks the crossing too and holds one of the giant TV screens. This Starbucks branch has been a constant nominee for world’s busiest branch and the seating area on its second floor has floor-to-ceiling windows with a counter, an awesome point to watch the intersection below.

Apart from these TV screens which keep flashing all the time, Shibuya crossing is illuminated by advertisements, lights and more lights! It is also a popular nightlife zone full of clubs, bars and izakaya. Weekend parties are commonly held here.

Shibuya crossing is often compared to the intersection of Times Square in New York City, because of its heavy traffic and advertisements.

Shibuya crossing gained fame in the West because of the film “Lost in Translation”, by Sofia Coppola. Since then it has been and is commonly featured in films and television shows that are made in Tokyo, like “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”, “Retribution” and “Resident Evil: Afterlife”. It is also featured in domestic as well as international news, several music videos and animated programs.

Being a perfect representation of modern Japan, Shibuya crossing is constantly frequented by photographers and videographers who try to get the best vantage points on locations like guard rails and subway entrances.

After Shibuya crossing is full of people trying to cross the intersection and meeting in the center in a frenzied mess, bumping, swerving and side stepping in the attempt, there is a quiet for some moments. This too is a spectacular scene when people go on gathering in every little corner of the intersection, till they start to spill out in the street; then the signal lights turn green and the chaos starts once again!

Though you have to indeed fight your way through the mayhem in the middle of Shibuya crossing, it is also amongst the most peaceful and soothing scene to watch from a distance. The businesses that face this spectacular spot take full advantage of their position and place tables and windows facing the square.

The incredible pedestrian traffic, huge video screens, neon lights and advertisements create an irresistible attraction about Shibuya crossing making it a must-visit sight during a Tokyo trip.

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